WebMechanix - Tools

Hello, world!

Welcome to WebMechanix Tools, our showcase of web development and Internet marketing tools built by our very own in-house dev team.

We invite you to have a look around, meet our team, and drop us a line to let us know what you think.

Whether it be a brand new website or a redesign, a conversion optimization campaign or mere tracking and analytics implementation— ALL our day-to-day projects present opportunities to streamline processes so that we can produce better deliverables, more quickly for our clients.

And because we’re tinkerers, we build these tools when such opportunities arise. You know, in all our spare time.

Tracking Debugger Chrome Extension

Adds a “Tracking Debugger” panel to the developer tools that listens for requests to popular tracking platforms.


Gates a video at a certain view-percentage or timestamp and shows a form to proceed. Similar to other “paid” products like “Vidyard” or “Wistia”—but this works with standard YouTube or Vimeo videos. Great for Webinar “teaser/previews” or webinar replays in general.


A simple conversational UI plugin for jQuery that makes form submissions fun again.


Mimics Google’s “old” way of storing attribution data on the “client-side” (cookies). Parses referrer, UTM parameters & stores 1st/last touch attribution information to pass through with conversion information.

HubSpot Form Chainer

Takes multiple HubSpot forms and combines them into one “multi-step” form experience to increase form engagement/completion for longer forms.

Internal (Private) WMX Dev Catalog

Intended for use internally, specifically by the dev team. The goal is to catalog and keep track of common components used on our projects so that we can quickly locate and reuse the code, rather than building the same pieces over and over.

Training Video Archive

Looking for a training video someone recorded on Loom? We’ve got you covered. Search our training video archive by topic, tag and search terms.


A database tool that connects to CRM APIs (e.g. Marketo, HubSpot and Pardot) with an embeddable GTM tag, allowing marketers to install and track hundreds of forms with little need for a developer.


Extremely user-friendly and conversion-oriented multi-step forms with customized step routing, tracking and CRM integrations.

Email Signature Generator

Exactly what the title says. Generate your email signature.

Form Events Google Sheet

[BETA] A Google Sheets template used to map a website’s forms to event values used for tracking purposes across various tools and ad networks.

GTM Boilerplates

Log into Google Tag Manager and see 1 – GTM Boilerplates at the top for our “Base” exportable boilerplate as well as more granular containers.

Quality Assurance Checklists

Standards of Quality are ingrained in WebMechanix’s core. Use these quality assurance checklists to quickly and easily collaborate with the team and client prior to your project launch.

Popup Wireframes

Need a popup? Start by selecting one of these layout templates. Then shoot it over to the dev team for branding and installation. Be sure to also read: “The Rules of Popup Implementation”.

Event Tracking Code Generator

Use the free event tracking tool below to generate event tracking code for Classic or Universal Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or Bing UET Event Tracking.

Employee Essentials

A tool with lots of links to other tools, fool.


Aggregated data from all the tools. Analytics, HubSpot, Harvest, QuickBooks, Slack. Booyah.

WP Plugin: Add Posts to Pages

Easily add posts to pages with this super lightweight WordPress plugin. You can add them anywhere on the page (top, middle, bottom)—all just as easy as the next.

WMX Branding Resources

Need an official copy of our logo or mark? Or need to know which color or font to use? Here’s your one-stop shop.


...and more to come!